Video Annotator

Developer toolkit for adding annotation to streaming video presentations.

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About Video Annotator

The Video Annotator developer library is the result of an experiment run as part of the Open Annotation collaboration to test the OA data model for use in exchanging annotations of streaming video.

Using Video Annotator

Video Annotator is provided under the Educational Community License, Version 2.0. The library gives you the components you need to add annotation capabilities to videos embedded in your web pages. Check out the source code for the demo to see how it works. The library has support for HTML 5 video tags. We welcome drivers for other video players.

Contributing to Video Annotator

The easiest way to contribute to Video Annotator is to fork the github repository and create a pull request once you have implemented and tested your changes. We recommend that you join the mith-dev Google group and discuss proposed changes to get feedback on their design and to make sure they fit in with the overall roadmap for Video Annotator.

We are looking especially for more video player drivers.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with Video Annotator? Check out the documentation at If you feel that you have encountered a bug, check out the bug tracker at




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