JavaScript framework for building data-oriented, event-driven browser applications.

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About MITHgrid

Here at MITH, we develop browser-based applications for many of our projects. We want these applications to share components and allow extension through plugins, so we developed a framework for building data-centric, event-driven, responsibility-oriented applications.

Using MITHgrid

MITHgrid is available under the generous 3-clause BSD license. The easiest way to use MITHgrid is to sketch your application’s data flow and then match up pieces with the various component types available in MITHgrid.

Contributing to MITHgrid

The easiest way to contribute to MITHgrid is to fork the github repository and create a pull request once you have implemented and tested your changes. We recommend that you join the mith-dev Google group and discuss proposed changes to get feedback on their design and to make sure they fit in with the overall roadmap for MITHgrid.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with MITHgrid? Check out the documentation at If you feel that you have encountered a bug, check out the bug tracker at




Authors and Contributors

This project is maintained by umd-mith

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